Additive Manufacturing


BigRep Studio

BigRep makes large format FFF industrial 3D printers with up to a 1005mmx1005mmx1005mm build area and is able to print in a variety of materials. Large-Scale at affordable pricing. Made in Germany.


Sodick OPM250L

Sodick uniquely integrates Metal 3D Printing and traditional machining by alternating between machining and printing within the same workspace. Perfect for conformal cooling!

Rize 3D

Rize One

 Rize uses patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD™) technology to produce commercial-quality parts safer, stronger and faster than FDM systems. Rize also offers the only zero-post-processing 3D printer; eliminating time-consuming support removal and producing a usable part 50% faster than other systems. Rize parts have virtually 0% strength loss, producing isotropic parts twice as strong as other technologies.